Marnie McDougal Award


At our Year-End Watershow we present our Marnie McDougal Award, named after our club founder, to a swimmer voted on by their peers who: 

  • Demonstrates a desire to challenge themselves and continually improve. Who is self-directed, hard working and who gives help and encouragement to other swimmers
  • Continually exhibits a great attitude and behaviour, both in and outside the pool and shows respect for other competitors, teammates, coaches, parents/volunteers and judges
  • Demonstrates strong leadership abilities and is a great representative of Nova Artistic Swimming

This year's recipients of the 2024 Marnie McDougal Award are Madeleine Perez-Gerald!

Previous Recipients:

  • 2004 - Jillian Bergsten
  • 2005 - Erin MacAngus
  • 2006 - Xenia Cravetchi
  • 2007 - Meaghan Hipkin
  • 2008 - Xenia Cravetchi
  • 2009 - Heather Savard
  • 2010 - Emily Olsen
  • 2011 - Ruth Maidens
  • 2012 - Hannah Olsen
  • 2013 - Tori Alfaro
  • 2014 - Sarah Tostowaryk
  • 2015 - Anna Embury
  • 2016 - Abigail Grenke
  • 2017 - Asha Nelson
  • 2018 - Abigail Grenke
  • 2019 - Asha Nelson
  • 2021 - Gabrielle King
  • 2022 - Gabrielle King
  • 2023 - Meghan Hughes & Katja Lemke
  • 2024 - Madeleine Perez-Gerald




Pearl Spirit Award


The Pearl Spirit Award was created in the 2018/2019 season in honour of Nova's 30th Anniversary. It is awarded to an athlete in our Learn-to-ArtSwim, 11-12, Novice or Teen Rec categories (training 7 hours or less as a team) who embodies the spirit of Nova Artistic Swimming.

The winner of this award is chosen by our coaches and represents a swimmer who brings a fun and positive outlook to training each day. This athlete is kind and respectful to their fellow swimmers and showcases great sportsmanship within our club and at events.

This year's recipient of the 2024 Pearl Spirit Award is Nia Campbell!

Previous Recipients:

  • 2019 - Benjamin Villeneuve
  • 2021 - Clémence Bal-Astrié
  • 2022 - Pemberley Wolansky
  • 2023 - Josie Bardas
  • 2024 - Nia Campbell



Laura Mumme Scholarship


A Message From Laura Mumme

I have been with the Nova Artistic Swimming Club as a swimmer, coach and head coach for over 15 years. Artistic swimming and the club continues to not only be a passion in my life, but also has had a strong influence in who I am today. I want to give back to the club to show my appreciation for all the hard work and countless hours the swimmers, coaches and parents contribute. As a swimmer, I was always looking for ways to improve my synchronized swimming knowledge, skills and abilities. Physical, mental, and emotional training play key roles in athlete development. Therefore, I am providing the opportunity for any Nova swimmer to receive additional support to enhance any of those areas.

It is my hope this scholarship will allow Nova swimmers to reflect on their own personal development and allow them the opportunity to achieve their artistic swimming goals.


This $500 scholarship fund was developed to recognize the contributions made by Nova swimmers and to support their artistic swimming growth and development.



Previous Recipients:

  • 2014 - Bailey Fawcett
  • 2015 - Erika Herle
  • 2016 - Annaleise Walker
  • 2017 - Jaden Doroshuk